Accounts Payable Automation

Automation makes accounts payable simple.

Organizations still spend too much time processing paper invoices, moving through approvals, and cutting checks. Our AP automation streamlines the entire process, eliminating clutter and manual tasks. And with on-demand reporting, transaction-level data, and full integration with your accounting system, you’ll never be at a loss for answers.


Paypool manages every step of the AP process

Invoice Intake

You and your vendors send invoices to Paypool however you want.

Approval Routing

We automatically route invoices to the right approvers, who can review from any device, anywhere.


Once invoices are approved, check and electronic payments are scheduled with the click of a button.

Accounting Data Integrations

Paypool works with your accounting system.

Paypool’s AP data syncs with your accounting software, with no need to manipulate files or track down missing information. We integrate with hundreds of systems, supporting both custom-built cloud integrations and simple file exports.

File Integration

Data syncs with your accounting system via a simple file export.

Paypool Connect 360

Using a cloud integration, data is seamlessly shared between Paypool and select accounting packages.

Benefits of Paypool

We recreate your existing AP process, from GL Coding to approval routes, but eliminate manual tasks at every opportunity. All features come unlocked out of the box, with unlimited users and approval routes. We record every action your users take to provide a digital paper trail, and all data syncs with your existing accounting system. With information available at your fingertips, you’re never at a loss for answers.

  • Manual tasks are reduced and eliminated
  • Complete AP data is available on demand
  • Your AP process is replicated in a cloud-based system
  • Unlimited users and approval routes at no extra cost
  • Digital paper trail that never expires
  • All data syncs with your existing accounting system