Payment Services

Paypool’s technology and expertise allow us to provide specialized payment services, from mass payment distributions to document management and custom integrations, to any organization. Our solution is flexible enough to manage many document and payment projects.

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payment apis, payment automation

Mass Payments

Let Paypool Handle Large Payment Distributions

We make mass payments of any volume on a one-time or recurring basis. Using an established payment network, bank partnerships, and transaction processing abilities, Paypool offers a simple, low-cost way for companies to distribute funds to a large network.

payment apis, payment automation

Document Management

Let our hardware and processing center do the heavy lifting

Paypool is equipped to manage complex document project requirements, with the ability to print, sort and distribute your crucial communications.

payment apis, payment automation

Specialized Payment Solutions

Let’s discuss your requirements and build you a custom solution

Whether you need payments integrated with your technology via payment APIs, complex payment distribution solutions, document management services, or some combination thereof, we can assist.

Solving your payment and document needs starts with a conversation

Drop us a line to discuss your project requirements