Announcing The Anybill Vendor Portal

Announcing The Anybill Vendor Portal

The typical vendor relationship is simply transactional in nature: the vendor provides a good or service, and the customer pays. But as anyone who has managed long term vendor-customer relationships knows, the most valuable ones are built on trust, collaboration, and respect – foundations that can only be set over time with mutual cooperation. These relationships become alliances in which everyone prospers.

Strengthening that relationship – and providing immediate, tangible benefits along the way – was our motivation when building Anybill’s vendor portal, a tool that now allows our clients to provide improved invoicing power and visibility to their vendors.

Our users now have the ability to invite their vendors directly to the vendor portal via email. Vendors will now be able to directly submit bills online in a matter of minutes, giving them better control over invoice submission.

Once the vendor submits a bill, it is automatically routed through their customer’s pre-determined approval process. As the bill goes through approval to payment, vendors can login at any time to check on the status of their bills. This eliminates the need for follow-up, saving time for both the vendor and the customer.

The vendor portal allows customers and vendors to focus on business, not bills. Greater visibility and improved efficiency can serve to further solidify and encourage strong, mutually beneficial relationships between vendor and customer. If you’re an Anybill user interested in inviting your vendors to the vendor portal, you can view instructions on sending invites in the Training section of Anybill or contact us at [email protected].

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