Anybill Adds Two Factor Authentication for Enhanced Security

Anybill Adds Two Factor Authentication for Enhanced Security

With the goal of increasing security at the point of login, Anybill now provides two factor authentication (2FA) as an optional feature for all clients and users. This feature provides enhanced security at login, further preventing unauthorized persons from gaining entry to sensitive info and user accounts.

How Does it Work?

Previously, Anybill accounts were protected by a single layer, secure password. 2FA adds an additional layer of security by requiring a second verification after you enter your normal password. That verification comes in the form of a randomly-generated passcode that you access via an authenticator app on your mobile device. These passcodes automatically refresh every 30 seconds – so when you go to login, you’ll need to pull up a fresh passcode in the app and enter it before it expires.

Why is It Important?

Digital crime and data breaches are an ever-present threat in the Internet era. Any companies that store sensitive data could be the target of attempted hacks. Previous data breach victims could also be vulnerable to subsequent “aftershock” effects that target other accounts that use the same username or password. 2FA can better protect you against these threats. In fact, a recent Experian industry forecast recommends that companies push for 2FA as a way to verify their users and protect against data breaches resulting from reused passwords.

How Do I Enable 2FA for My Anybill Account?

Simple! While logged into your Anybill account, click into “My Profile” on the upper right on your screen.

Next, navigate to the “Enhanced Login” section and click edit. Select “Yes” to enable 2FA and hit Save. At that point, you will receive instructions to download your authenticator app and immediately take advantage of 2FA.

From this point forward, you’ll be required to enter your secondary passcode anytime you login to Anybill. System administrators can also enable 2FA for other system users. Any questions? Contact our Customer service team at [email protected] to receive assistance on enabling or using 2FA.

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