Come into the Cloud with Us

Come into the Cloud with Us

As the Director of Sales at Anybill, I always try to stay up-to-date with industry trends in the cloud-based space that we operate in here at Anybill.

I came across this interesting article while reading the Washington Post this morning.  According to the article, Bessemer Venture Partners states that publicly traded cloud-based companies are now worth over 100 Billion!!!  A large number in its own right, but the kicker is that the number of companies that are public are only a small percentage of the total cloud-based companies out there.  Most cloud-based companies are still privately held, so they are not accounted for in the 100 billion.  What this tells me is that the cloud-based space is growing and growing still at a very rapid pace.  What may as started at a fad or idea is now very much a reality of how companies purchase, use, and access their software platforms.  Cloud-based platforms have multiple benefits.  A few come to mind:

  • Low cost of start-up, as you don’t have to purchase hardware to run the applications
  • Lower cost of ownership, as you don’t have to maintain software versions, manage new releases, and pay associated maintenance fees
  • Ease of access, being cloud-based makes your application accessible to anyone in your organization that has an internet connection

Companies, big and small, are changing the way they purchase and run their software platforms with the adoption of cloud.

Where does your organization grade on the cloud adoption scale?

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