Focus On These 5 Things to Make 2012 a Great Year

Focus On These 5 Things to Make 2012 a Great Year

If you’re an Accounts Payable professional, your attention shifted from 2011 to 2012 some time ago. But…what key trends influenced your planning for this year? How do you plan for a future that includes economic uncertainty, legislative change and technological revolution? AP Now’s editorial director, Mary Schaeffer, has selected five “hot issues” every AP professional needs to focus on.

  • Issue #1: Fraud. Among the most significant threats: sophisticated Eastern European crooks are zeroing in on the ACH and those working in AP to commit electronic thefts. It’s essential these frauds be detected quickly as banks are unlikely to reverse unauthorized transactions after 24 hours.
  • Issue #2: Accounts Payable Automation. Impending changes at the US Post Office make it likely we’ll see at least a one-day increase in delivery time for first class mail. This will have a huge impact on businesses relying on the USPS for receipt and delivery of invoices and payments.
  • Issue #5: Your Professional Future. Want to make yourself essential to your employer? Develop new strategic skills. Identify development opportunities and learn how to persuasively make a case for a piece of the training budget.

Explore all 5 “hot issues” here: Emerging Concerns in 2012 for Accounts Payable.

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