How AP Solutions Streamline Workflows: Automating AP for Multiple-Entity or Multiple Client Environments

How AP Solutions Streamline Workflows: Automating AP for Multiple-Entity or Multiple Client Environments

Managing accounts payable for multiple organizations, entities or clients that must maintain separation is a difficult job, but it becomes much harder if those accounts are not centralized under a single system. In these scenarios, a manual invoicing process can not only be inefficient but also susceptible to fraud. 

Whether you manage AP for multiple entities under a single umbrella or you manage multiple clients for a CPA firm, a flexible front-end AP solution can streamline and centralize the invoicing process. You can bring multiple entities under one roof, saving time and protecting against fraud. Automated AP can also be customized to fit the managing firm’s requirements and processes.

Here’s how AP automation makes it easier to manage AP for multiple clients or entities:

Increases Efficiency and Saves Money

In multiple-entity or multiple-client environments, managing many invoices takes time, which costs money. When managing multiple entities manually, it can be very challenging to ensure that invoices are sent to the right place and don’t fall through the cracks. Also, manually uploading or processing invoices makes it easier to make mistakes. Paypool removes these issues by giving each entity an email address and vendor portal to upload invoices to. Paypool also uploads paper invoices to the right client or entity for you.

With AP automation, every invoice and payment is loaded and tracked within one system. Your AP data syncs with your existing accounting software, with no need to manipulate files or track down missing information. AP automation also speeds invoice processing, reducing the cost per invoice. 

Adapts to Fit Your Firm’s Needs

Routes, approvers, and notifications can be customized based on your firm’s needs so you can add multiple reviewers without slowing the approval time. Paypool automatically routes invoices to all approvers, which can be difficult to manually track in a multiple-entity or multiple-client environment. 

By integrating with hundreds of accounting systems, AP automation re-creates your existing AP process — from GL coding to approval routes and payments — and eliminates manual tasks at every opportunity.

Integrates Seamlessly With Accounting Systems

Integration with accounting systems is easy, even if the entities or clients you manage use different systems. Paypool features come unlocked out of the box, with no limits on users or approval routes.

Protects Against Fraud

Businesses across the globe lose an average of 5% of revenue every year to fraud, so companies must defend against it. The invoicing process in a multiple-entity or multiple-client environment is susceptible to fraud, as tracking invoices from one entity manually is already challenging. Using a manual AP process leaves a firm vulnerable to duplicate, inflated, or fake invoices, which have many ways to receive approval or bypass the proper channels. 

During automation, all invoices travel through pre-established approval processes, giving approvers complete visibility into every payment. Also, every action users take is tracked to provide a digital audit trail that never expires and is available online and via download.

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Paypool streamlines every single step of the invoicing process to give your firm peace of mind and to free your teams to focus on more strategic work. Request a demo of Paypool’s end-to-end accounts payable automation solution today.

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