How to Effectively Manage Payments for Numerous Clients: Payment Strategies for Multiple-Entity or Multiple-Client Environments

How to Effectively Manage Payments for Numerous Clients: Payment Strategies for Multiple-Entity or Multiple-Client Environments

If you manage accounts payable for multiple entities under a single umbrella or multiple clients for a CPA firm, a flexible front-end AP solution can help. It allows you to bring multiple entities under one roof, streamlining mass payment distributions and centralizing the invoicing process. It can also be customized to fit your managing firm’s requirements and processes.

Mass Payment Distributions

In a multiple-entity or multiple-client environment, managing and sending payments to large groups is time-consuming, labor intensive, and can present operational challenges. Paypool provides an easy way to send payments to any number of individuals and vendors, with an automated solution that disburses funds and tracks activity. Multiple payment formats, including checks and electronic payments, are available. And while Paypool automates the entire payment process, clients maintain total control of their transactions.

Document Storage and Management

Managing AP documents in a multiple-entity or multiple-client environment can prove cumbersome. Not only can it require large amounts of physical filing or manual storage on your server if you don’t have a good solution, but finding and retrieving invoices can be a lengthy process. Using Paypool eliminates the need for physical storage, and makes finding information in a multiple-client environment quick and easy, accessible from one central online location.

Customized Approval Routing

Automated AP enables you to customize routes, approvers and notifications based on your firm’s needs, adding more reviewers without slowing the approval time. Paypool automatically routes invoices to all approvers, which can be difficult to manually track in a multiple-entity or multiple-client environment. During automation, approvers have complete visibility into every payment and every user’s actions are tracked, providing a digital audit trail that never expires.

Out-of-the-Box and Custom Integrations

Paypool integrates with hundreds of accounting systems. When managing multiple entities or clients that use different accounting systems, a flexible front-end AP solution allows you to manage their AP in one place, while the system syncs the data.

Paypool can also create a custom payment solution that addresses your organization’s specific needs. Whether you require payments integrated with your technology via payment APIs, complex payment distribution solutions, document management services, or some combination thereof, Paypool can build a solution.

Managing Multiple Clients in One Place

Paypool makes handling AP for multiple clients seamless. Users can easily switch between multiple clients or entities within the same system, accessing their accounts instantly. No need to manage multiple logins, accounts or systems.

Setting up an Organization With Multiple Entities

Paypool can smooth the process of setting up an organization with multiple entities by maintaining clear separation. Paypool gives each entity its own unique email address to send invoices to, and automatically uploads them to the correct entity. This eliminates the need to sort through invoices to assign them manually. Paypool also gives each entity its own account for clean demarcation, and each entity’s chart of accounts, vendor list, etc., are rebuilt in its assigned account.

Make the Switch

Paypool’s end-to-end solution streamlines the entire AP process, offering easy payment strategies for multiple-entity or multiple-client environments. Reach out to discuss your payment requirements and learn how we can help. Request a demo today.

Brian Acton, Marketing Coordinator at Paypool
Brian has marketing experience at agencies and internal marketing departments. Brian has managed Paypool’s marketing department since 2015.

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