SME’s are Taking the Plunge into AP Automation Waters

SME’s are Taking the Plunge into AP Automation Waters

Do you think your organization is too small to even consider an AP automation solution? Well, think again.

Today, the number of SME’s implementing AP automation solutions is increasing. With AP automation being affordable, easy-to-use, and easy-to-implement, SME’s are now reaping the benefits that were once limited to tech-savvy, IT heavy, Fortune 1000 companies.

PayStream has developed a Technology Insight report for those small to mid-sized enterprises with an interest in AP automation, which covers:

  • Latest adoption statistics
  • Current thinking and strategies
  • Best practices

This new report also focuses on key performance indicators for evaluating and selecting the solution that meets your firm’s needs.

For SME’s, AP automation is no longer out of reach and it’s time to dive head first into AP automation waters.

Check out PayStream’s report here.

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