The Anybill Vendor Portal: Now a Full-Service Platform for Vendors

The Anybill Vendor Portal: Now a Full-Service Platform for Vendors

The Anybill Vendor Portal launched in 2015 as a simple way for vendors to check on the bills they sent to our clients. Since then, we’ve worked to build it into a platform that can fully connect you with your vendors. Now, it provides a full-service experience, with a comprehensive set of features, and Anybill will even help you bring your vendors onboard!

Here’s what you get with the modern vendor portal:

Online Invoice Submission

Your vendors can submit invoices to the vendor portal via file upload. Uploaded invoices are immediately routed to your approvers, eliminating the need for invoices sent via email or snail mail.

Status Checks and Reporting

Vendors can check on submitted bills, look at payment status, and access historical bill and payment data. With this information at vendors’ fingertips, you can expect a reduction in inbound calls and emails from vendors curious about the status of their payment.

Vendor Data

Vendors can now submit crucial payment and tax information directly through their vendor portal profile. This data includes banking information for receiving ACH direct deposits, taxpayer ID# and even attachments like W9s. Any information added in the vendor portal will automatically update in your Anybill profile as well.

Custom Settings

All features of the vendor portal can be enabled and disabled based on your preferences. That means you define the actions your vendors can take and the information they can access.

Vendor Onboarding

You can onboard a vendor at any time by opening the vendor’s profile in Anybill and clicking “Invite to Portal” – simply provide the vendor’s email address and contact information to send the invitation.

But Anybill can assist with multiple vendor invitations and onboarding. At your request, Anybill will invite your existing vendors and invite future vendors as they come onboard. To sign up for this service, simply give our Support team a shout!

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