Bulk Payment Distribution

Paypool provides an easy way to send payments to any number of individuals and vendors, with an automated solution that disburses funds and tracks activity.

Remove the hassle of sending payments.

When payments aren’t your core competency, managing them yourself can be difficult. Many organizations don’t need the additional workload of payment distribution and its associated challenges.

  • Sending payments to large groups is time consuming and labor intensive.
  • Cutting checks and initiating electronic payments takes focus away from other critical processes.
  • Managing bulk payments internally can present operational challenges.

Paypool’s automated bulk payment process is simple but effective.

Paypool has been processing payments since 2001, and has built a feature-rich solution that is sophisticated and easy to use.

  • Clients can initiate the payment process by uploading a payment file and verifying data points.
  • Multiple payment formats, including checks and electronic payments, are available.
  • Transactional data and reports are available on demand at any time.
  • Paypool automates the entire payment process, but clients maintain control of their transactions.

From a user perspective, the payment process is simple. You tell us who to pay and we take it from there.

Client Uploads Payment File

Paypool Verifies Data

Paypool Sends Payments

Let Paypool handle bulk payments.

Reach out to discuss your payment requirements and learn how we can help.