Anybill’s User-Centric Design Raises the Bar for On-Demand AP

Anybill’s User-Centric Design Raises the Bar for On-Demand AP

Anybill, Inc., the market leader of complete, on-demand Accounts Payable and corporate tax payment solutions, launches Version 4 of its proven Accounts Payable management software solution, AnyAP™. This latest release achieves new levels of efficiency, ease of use, and accuracy.

Anybill CEO, Matt Voorhees, said, “For more than a decade, Anybill’s success has rested on our attention to providing one thing: The very best AP solutions. We focus on two things: Technology and System Delivery. The complete range of critical AP functions at the heart of AnyAP™, combined with the advantages of on-demand Internet availability, has made our software a critical component of AP management processes and procedures for hundreds of firms.”

“AnyAP™ V4 extends the existing system’s capabilities by taking advantage of the latest in Web technology and user interface design. In this new and improved version, Anybill was committed to enhanced technology, a streamlined user experience, and additions to our core functionality,” continued Voorhees.

Kevin Felichko, Anybill SVP, Technology commented, “Our extensive market validation process, with both clients and prospects, allowed us to incorporate our users’ experiences along with the feedback we got internally from our world class customer service team. From the onset it was clear that this was going to be much more than a GUI face lift. After all, it’s our clients’ needs and not our own software development preferences that direct our product development.”

Invoice Approval — Easier, Faster and More Accurate Than Ever

“Our objective was to deliver the new best-in-class method for approving invoices — ensuring that key information is available precisely when and where it’s needed. In the end we are making our clients’ daily interaction with our tool easier, saving critical finance and accounting professionals even more time,” noted Bart Hawe, SVP, Technical Sales & Implementation.

Hawe continued, “Our thoughtful development process combined with advances in technology has allowed us to produce a new release with features that enable our users to view information and perform tasks more efficiently.” New technology, web theory, and user comments have combined to bring the most useful information to the top in a number of ways:

  • Web Technology Improves Ease of Use. Extensive application of mouse-overs to instantly view needed information — like GL codes, vendor history and approvers — to streamline the user experience.
  • User Filtered Sorting Delivers only Needed Information. Grouping invoices and payments using filters — by batch, amount, due date, approver(s), vendor or other criteria — brings to the surface only the invoices users want to view.
  • Layout Enhanced for Speed and Accuracy.  Adding an invoice image immediately adjacent to its action options on coding screens eliminates a click to view the invoice elsewhere and reduces the likelihood of transfer mistakes in GL coding.
  • Add New Documentation or Alterations Throughout Invoice Processing. Supporting documents — such as contracts, schedules, notes, correspondence, approval routing information and even pricing changes — can be attached at any point during the approval process.
  • Hold or Reject Options.  The V4 “Hold” option not only halts the approval process, it also constitutes an activity status that can be sorted and easily searched while the “Reject” option has become simpler and easier to execute.
  • User Centered Dashboard.  V4’s new user-centered dashboard shines the light on important immediate and pending actions, improving AP visibility and transparency.

“We believe that the new version of our AnyAP™ software seamlessly automates the invoice management and approval process better than any other software on the market,” concluded Voorhees.

About Anybill, Inc.

Since 1998, Anybill has been developing and delivering the most secure, comprehensive and advanced suite of complete, on demand Accounts Payable Software-as-a-Service and sales tax payment solutions to small and medium sized companies, public accounting firms and not-for-profit organizations. Anybill’s unique back office business process enables users to save time and money through workplace automation, instant data visibility, financial transparency, records security, fraud protection and contributions to the conduct of financial audits.

Anybill is based in Washington, DC and has a Western Region office in San Mateo, California. For more information visit