New Anybill Automation Feature Shortens Time and Ensures Accurancy in Accounts Payable

New Anybill Automation Feature Shortens Time and Ensures Accurancy in Accounts Payable

Anybill, Inc., the leader in on-demand Accounts Payable Automation, announced today that its new Electronic Voucher Upload (EVU) feature further automates the company’s complete, on-demand Accounts Payable Automation solution.

At the heart of Anybill’s EVU is a unique electronic data format structure that enables users to accurately and easily upload payment-related information to Anybill’s web-based Accounts Payable platform, AnyAP. EVU takes maximum advantage of the accuracy and upload speed that electronic vouchers have over their error-prone and time-consuming paper counterparts.

Anybill CEO, Matt Voorhees, said that EVU is the latest evidence of his company’s widely recognized ability to make technology drive greater efficiency, accuracy and transparency within the Accounts Payable process. Voorhees added, “We are seeing very eager early use of EVU by a couple of our client groups — those performing Travel & Expense Accounts Payable and Tax Preparers. In fact, it is the second group — the tax arms of public accounting firms — who are the most ambitious EVU adopters.”

Representatives of one national full-service accounting group report that EVU saves communication and mailing time and further ensures accuracy in the complex and sensitive process of serving tax clients. Through EVU, the tax firm uploads to Anybill its clients’ electronic tax payment vouchers along with pdf images of the related tax returns. EVU effectively makes Anybill the communications hub for clients to view their returns and approve payments, providing unmatched visibility, control and automation throughout the tax payment process. Upon approval and without need for further communication with the accounting firm or the taxpayer, Anybill promptly submits returns with payments (either check or Electronic Funds Transfer) directly to designated tax authorities.

Other advantages cited by tax preparers are that EVU’s straight-line process contributes a better payment audit trail and helps ensure that the firm performs a purely attestation service — having no contact at all with client funds.

“Paper is not dead,” noted Anybill Co-Founder and CMO, Peter Bepler, “but our Electronic Voucher Upload feature continues to help drive it out of the AP process by creating a more efficient and accurate payables environment.”

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